Experience Lemmenjoki

Take a guided boattrip to see enchanting Lemmenjoki river and National park

-visit to Kaija Paltto studio Ateljee Huopapirtti


Goldwashing with Heikki Paltto in Lemmenjoki on fabulous goldfields

>> Gold panning and golden stories of Lemmenjoki


River boat trip to Ravadas falls and felt maker's studio visit.

>> River boat trip to Ravadas


Come along in a trip cross the a fabulous goldfields. Listen a stories in a campfire about lemmenjoki and legends about it..

>> Golden legends of Lemmenjoki


See the a legendary Ravadas-waterfalls and participate artist Kaija Paltto feltcourses.

>> Boat trip to Ravadas falls and felt making course


Participate to a feltcourse with Kaija Paltto.

>> Felt making course


Visit to the a atelier feltcabin and see the a works what artist Kaija Paltto has made.

>> Visit to felt maker's studio


Are you planning to have a trip to the a National park of lemmenjoki do you need a boatcarriage for a expense or a returntrip

>> Boat trips



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